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STYLE is knowing who You are!
So let it be UNIQUE as Yourself!
Let it speak for U... As it always does...


February 25, 2014


Today I choose to speak about the Boyish style,
as in result of yesterday my friend's behavior...
We'll apparently guys don't like when a Woman dress this way.
They feel that our femininity is taken away from us.
 (Witch I think is so stupid) 
I for sure feel more sexy when I'm in boyish...
Now, go figure. 
I can only speack for my self in this one,
I don't really have a definition for my own Style. Why... Easy! 
I dress according to my mood, that means I'm always different.
The days aren't always the same... So why should I. 
Back to Boyish, being boyish it's about loose. 
Being comfortable and impersonating a Men look.  
There's several style for Woman and so for Men. 
Yesterday was Casual Boyish for me, loose jeans,
(a chevigno baggy Jean that I kept from my teens); a white crop cotton blouse;
matching my grey dot sock's, a grey unbutton cardigan, and I was set...  
Now let's accessorize:
  A white wool beanie with a pom-pom on top,
my black spiked 69 flatform sneakers and a leather black backpack! 
Now I thought I was FLY... And I was.
But the remarks he made, made me laugh for an hour...
As he kept pointing and punch lining me... 
That can only means that I got the look!!!! I was going for.

Now do we dress for our self or for others??? 

As Anna Wintor says..
Dress unique as you are and let it be identifiable for others.
He refuse to take a picture of my look...
 I tried selfies, but as usual I'm pretty hard when selecting photos.
I always think there not good enough... Picky, me!
But my stubbornness beats my picky ness so... Here it goes!  
Ohhhhh I made a selection on Boyish look that make for a million word and explanation. 

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