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November 24, 2012

What do U think about CAMO Trend???

i know i love this trend, i also know i never rocked... but who knows! it's still time for me.
the perfect one for me, i love to sass the look, and i loved the way she worked.
for the casual it's killing it time, they look fabulous on it, well at list in my opinion of couse.
celebrities from the glob has been spotted rocking camo trend, i chose Ri cuse in this case she totaly rockedddddddddddddd with the maxi#punked#blackthing.

also loved this one, for the BOLDNESSSSSSSS!

the magazine view, killing it.
and U... will u be spotted rocking this fabulous trend?? i hope so!

November 14, 2012

Train like an ANGEL.


Adriana Lima, brasilien model, finaly got her wings  


Karlie Kloss and her Native American Costume...
Made news!!! Sadly of course, The Natives Americans were not to fond to see,
 there Traditional Clothes worn like that; offended, they were.
She and Victoria Secret's had to apologize.
     Quoting her... I´m bad!
For me she looked awsome, runway perpective,


Alessandra Ambrosio

Rihanna was the only female singer and look's sweat on this look

Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber also performed, there were more... but we have to go!


November 13, 2012


The international pop star is getting ready to release her seventh studio album Unapologetic on November 19th.

This is Riri's second U.S. Vogue cover following an appearance in April 2011.
 Rihanna also covered Vogue Italia in September 2009 and Vogue U.K. in November 2011

Scores this one for the GQ Cover... November issue, not bad at all.
Buy the magazine if u lust for more!                                                                                      


Performed at Victoria Secrets Fashion Show

Teamed up with Kate Moss and Mario Testino.
Photoshoot for V Magazine! on December issue... Of Course!
                                                 Prop´s Bad GALL

November 09, 2012



THE: Maison Martin Margiela with H&M collection, will hit stores on November 15...  OF course, Newyorker's were the blessed ones to see it first, on the end of October... We just have more five days to wait...

Belgian design house, Margiela is a very expensive brand that specializes in cool and attractive clothes for both men and women.  It is also one of the current brand du jours getting name dropped in two out of every four new hip-hop joints.  Jay-Z was early, when he mentioned them in Run This Town, Kanye shouted the brand out in Ni**as In Paris and every stylist worth her salt brings Margiela gear to as many photo shoots and TV appearance as possible.

Like most high-fashion/low-fashion hybrids, this H&M and Margiela mash-up will seek to carve out a place in the market for the savvy shopper. The person who pays attention to next level products but only has regular level money. Weird thing is, all the clothes will be retreads of stuff that was hitting a few years back. Essentially, they’re throwbacks, and they’re counting on consumers being too ignorant to know better. If you’re one of  the people who value name brands over actual quality, this works great. You’ll be able to stunt without having to pay the minimum on your light bill. My question is, what about the power of wearing dope, exclusive gear? There's gonna be five different dudes rocking the same jacket and sneakers at every party you go to. Fam, you good with that? 

         Mena Suvari  
                                                                   Alan Cumming 

                                                                     Selma Blair

                                                      Sarah Jessica Parker    


Elena Perminova Marina Linchuk


Kanye West

 Here are just some of... but there were more of NY finest... & Jetsetter from all the Globe! 
 MMM With HM, they know how to throw a party!


gotta to say, love this candy... so muChHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

November 06, 2012

All good things must come to an end... 

 Ghesquière has and had... Revived & Restored The House of Balenciaga to it's former glory in an utterly contemporary way:

"The first collection I did for the house was for Spring '98," says Ghesquière. "It was an all-black collection, very austere. And there was something in the first one and this Spring's that is related. Something of the nun, the psychotic nun!" he laughs. "There is definitely an idea of a religious imagery with a certain perversion." at the end of the month.

 In the flesh, Ghesquière, 41, looks younger than his years, handsome but slighter and less serious than he seems in photographs. 

This year is... Nicolas Ghesquière's 15th anniversary as Balenciaga's creative director, although... his last! Just after Paris fashion week, Nicolas Ghesquière and the house Balenciaga announced his departure... It will be by the end of the month...