Welcome to my opinion...

STYLE is knowing who You are!
So let it be UNIQUE as Yourself!
Let it speak for U... As it always does...


May 31, 2016

Vogue fashion's night out... Lisbon

Está ai mais uma edição da Vogue Fashion's Night Out,
a quarta se não estou em erro.
Nada é mais cosmopolita do que isto, passo a explicar:
Este Evento realizar-se-a em 19 capitais pelo mundo fora...
Paris, Londres, Milão, etc's.
O fernesin criado neste dia, deixa  toda uma expectativa... 
Multidões invadem as ruas/lojas à procura das novidades,
dos descontos, dos brindes, mas acima de tudo do ambiente que se vive neste dia...
 O FUN! 
E a juntar a tudo isto temos direito a Dj's e alcohol qb!

Logo a festa é em grande!!! 
Eu vou, e tu vais! 

Dia 12 de setembro, as ruas do Chiado, Príncipe Real, na rua Castilho e
 na Avenida da Liberdade espera-te uma noite com Música, 
animação, cocktails, presentes, promoções, compras e 
muitas outras surpresas recheiam este leque de celebração da Moda, 
Beleza e Lifestyle com horário marcado das 19 às 23 horas.
Parceria realizada tambem com a Câmara Municipal de Lisboa! 

The Mug Shot...

Ever.Now ... was this year mood! ModaLisboa 
11, 12 & 13 was very busy days for Desingners, 

Models, Photograferes and last but not list Moda Lisboa crew... 

Sunday was the last day of shows... 
Sadly but there's more next year. Now let's talk about what brought me here... 
The Mug Shot! 
Since we don't get to have Tomy Tom on our fashion week,
 I've decided to take his place and let you know on Portuguese cene is all about! Enjoy...

July 23, 2015



Manjerica is a Portuguese brand of leather handbags characterized
by unique combinations of shapes, textures and colors!
Constantly pursuing the highest standards of quality and aesthetic,
Manjerica’s products are made according to the traditional
craftsmanship techniques with the finest materials.
Manjerica presents handbags that combine a distinctive design
with the personality of our manufacture, resulting in exclusive and unique objects. 
By magnifying women's intrinsic style and individuality,
we strive to create special moments and emotions.
Enter Manjerica’s world and find your perfect handbag!


January 16, 2015

What I've been saying all along!

STYLE isn't just about what you wear, it's about how you live. 

November 09, 2014

Bloging's about...

I really suck at writing, that's just because i hate expressing them in words. I just dont like it!
As I dont fond reading... but that's a different subject.
What i love is looking at pictures! Enjoying a good one!
Someone once quoted: "I Never read I just look at pictures", well that's me, Andy got me...
The thing about picture is that it can set a hole new world with endless possibilities, their my mojo...
I can get inspired just by looking to what I find a perfect one... Suddenly i have all this feeling and ideias, faster then i can write, draw or explain... Weird hum!
So i guess that's the reason i dont post here much, I have tumblr, pinterest, weheartit, imgfave, facebook and you name it, where i dailly collect and share gazilions pictures!!!

Eu não sou boa a escrever, isso é só porque eu odeio expressar-me em palavras. Eu não gosto mesmoooo!
Como eu não gosto de ler... Mas isso é um outro assunto.
O que eu gosto é olhar fotos! Desfrutar de uma BOA foto!
Alguém uma vez citou: "Eu nunca leio eu só olho as fotos", Euzinha no seu mais perfeito, Andy percebe me...
Uma simples foto pode despertar em mim. um mundo novo com infinitas possibilidades, o meu "mojo"...
Eu posso ficar inspirada só de olhar para uma, e... 

De repente eu tenho todos estes sentimentos e ideias; mais rápido do que eu possa escrever, desenhar ou explicar ... hum estranho!
  Eu acho que essa é a razão de eu não postar aqui muito

Eu tenho tumblr, pinterest, weheartit, imgfave, facebook e mais uns quantos, onde eu partilho, guardo gazilões de fotos por dia, sem ter de me explicar

September 16, 2014


After some serious thoughts...I've decided that,
it's about time I open my own store.
It still fresh and more work to be done.
Meaning it's not 100%!
Never thought, I was the one doing it from scrash.
Now I do realize, it's harshhhhhhhhh, and with my reduce ability to technology,
it's giving me a serious challenge! But..
I must also take some time to say, it's pretty nite as it goes.
And making me feel productive and proud!




10. 11. 12. OUTUBRO 2014



VFNO 2014

As you already now, Vogue Fashion Night Out was on the 9th of September!
It was a warm day and the event was set up to be from 7pm to 11pm. 
This was my rockin choice:
My own HeadPiece  Greece form Viciouse31;
My own crop top from Eliane Dantas;
Vintage black pants high waist;
HM Trench Coat;
Grandma´s LV logo bag and rubber sandals!
I was ready to meet my friends and hit the stores for some serious fun... 


February 25, 2014


Today I choose to speak about the Boyish style,
as in result of yesterday my friend's behavior...
We'll apparently guys don't like when a Woman dress this way.
They feel that our femininity is taken away from us.
 (Witch I think is so stupid) 
I for sure feel more sexy when I'm in boyish...
Now, go figure. 
I can only speack for my self in this one,
I don't really have a definition for my own Style. Why... Easy! 
I dress according to my mood, that means I'm always different.
The days aren't always the same... So why should I. 
Back to Boyish, being boyish it's about loose. 
Being comfortable and impersonating a Men look.  
There's several style for Woman and so for Men. 
Yesterday was Casual Boyish for me, loose jeans,
(a chevigno baggy Jean that I kept from my teens); a white crop cotton blouse;
matching my grey dot sock's, a grey unbutton cardigan, and I was set...  
Now let's accessorize:
  A white wool beanie with a pom-pom on top,
my black spiked 69 flatform sneakers and a leather black backpack! 
Now I thought I was FLY... And I was.
But the remarks he made, made me laugh for an hour...
As he kept pointing and punch lining me... 
That can only means that I got the look!!!! I was going for.

Now do we dress for our self or for others??? 

As Anna Wintor says..
Dress unique as you are and let it be identifiable for others.
He refuse to take a picture of my look...
 I tried selfies, but as usual I'm pretty hard when selecting photos.
I always think there not good enough... Picky, me!
But my stubbornness beats my picky ness so... Here it goes!  
Ohhhhh I made a selection on Boyish look that make for a million word and explanation. 

January 20, 2014

Hand Chain

Ancient Silver
Pearly Silver