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STYLE is knowing who You are!
So let it be UNIQUE as Yourself!
Let it speak for U... As it always does...


January 03, 2013

Iconic Style... Solange Knowles

She is a Icon!

Woman of the hour, bares an unbelievable rap sheet...

Actress, Singer, Producer, Dancer, Model, Dj, Mother and more!!!!! I'm a major fã of her iconic style!

I call her the Diva Mix! Her ability to turn anything she wears into so wanna wear that!... it´s impressive!

Everyone now's she's Beyoncé litle sister and that help's...

But, i'm still gonna give her all the credit's for the Style!

That one my dears... can't be bought! One must achieve!

She's well known for her ability to mix Clashing prints with  every single thing!

Well she is a STYLE ICON!

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