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December 26, 2012

Real men wear's skirt...

This myth be a new trend now, for some people, but as we all know men have been wearing skirt's thru ages...
Now fashionably speaking it's a different thing...
We have many designers doing it, for their collection and wearing it, in their own personal style.
I'm a big fan of Givenchy house... work. & his campaign are as always FABULOUS!!!
Marc is always spoted wearing one... and more...
I can't say that i like it... but.
It's not an easy trend to pull i give credit to ones that do try!
Over here... Portugal, that's not even a trend.
I haven't seen a single men wearing one. But when it comes to Fashion, people here are not that much out-going or fashionistas enough... i guess!!
Men still old, old fashion... Still hopping that thing's will change in that department.
Wille it doesn't here's some pic to spice it up.

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