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STYLE is knowing who You are!
So let it be UNIQUE as Yourself!
Let it speak for U... As it always does...


May 29, 2012


BOHO STYLE is irresistible, as a summer classic!
But once upon a time it was a look for Wealthy&Privileged.
Now.. it's all in its variations...
Reinvented each year, we got:

Boho Cool, Boho Chic, Modern Bohemian and even Casual Boho, etc's.
Such a nonsense!
Their all the same, it´s all gonna depend on u're mood.
Soo, Bohemians wear whatever they like regardless of what is expected.

Boho an AIR OF DECADENCE AND DRESSING UP at the same time!

It's all about bits and pieces put together..
From patchwork to indie stuff .
Remember :it's never material, being a bohemian represent a way of life, a conscience to find out what we really need and go back to our root's!

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